Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to take a moment and wish all of you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I hope this holiday is filled with love, joy, and happiness! Please have a safe holiday as well, and I hope that Santa spoils you!


December Finds

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that I post a daily find - a clever DIY project, great piece of furniture, or interesting decorative accessory. (If you're not following me on Facebook, you better get on that already, or you'll be missing out on more daily finds, sneak peeks, and tidbits of advice. And while you're at it, you can follow me on Instagram and Pinterest too).

Here are my favourite festive finds for the month of December...

1. I love these laser-cut wood trees from Crate and Barrel - they would look so festive on a dining room buffet table.

2. Nothing feels or looks more luxurious than a faux fur tree skirt like this one from Restoration Hardware.

3. On top of garland, stockings, and your Christmas tree, try adding some other holiday decor in throw blankets or pillows such as this Poinsettia pillow from Pottery Barn.

happy Friday!!

(psst... only 4 more days until Christmas! Are you ready?!)


Birthday Thoughts!

Today is my birthday... the big 2-9! My very last year in my 20's (although I've been told that it won't be the last year that I'll celebrate turning 29 - so very true!)

Just a few things that I'm proud to say that I've accomplished since I turned 28...

1. I started my own decorating business KM Decor after being told for years that I really ought to do it. (That being said, if you're interested in some advice for a room that you are looking at redoing, or are in need of a design board for some inspiration, send me an email - I would be more than happy to help you make your home how you imagine it should be!)

2. I started this blog. It may not seem like much, but I'm honestly surprised that I am still at it after 5 whole months! (I really thought that I wouldn't get passed my second post! And of course, an enormous THANK YOU is owed to each and every one of my readers - I appreciate you all for your continual support!!)

3. I've managed to finish 3 rooms (powder room, master bedroom, and main bathroom) in my home this past year! (And with how picky I am when it comes to these things, that really is an accomplishment!)

So, on that note, I've decided to take the day off (from Christmas blogging) - to relax and unwind. I'll be back tomorrow with more holiday talk! 


It's a Pinterest Christmas!

If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll notice that I have pinned a number of great seasonal ideas for this holiday season. Here are just a few of my favourites ones...

Santa footprints... (I'm definitely going to do this when I have kids!)

Christmas trees made from tomato cages and lights...

How about DIY glitter fruit with dollarstore faux fruits?

Scrabble holiday greetings... or you can even use the Scrabble tiles as place cards on your festive tablescape for Christmas dinner.

Are there any seasonal Pinterest ideas that you have tried? How did they turn out?


It's a Wrap!

Christmas wrapping that is!

In the December issue of Style at Home, there was an article on interesting ways of wrapping gifts for the holiday season - using ribbon in a new way and using craft paper instead of traditional wrapping paper. So, this got me thinking about fun new ways that I could wrap this year's presents. Take a look...

Use decorative stamps...

Use wood grain and brown paper, simple twine, and leaf cutouts...

Use pinecones and faux berries as simple decoration...

Wrap the gift several time in string...

Use paper snowflakes...

How about bells?

How will you be wrapping your gifts this year?


Christmas Decor

So far, I've shown you my Christmas tree, my outdoor wreath, and my holiday entryway table. Now, I want to share with you the rest of the festive decorations that I've used around my home.

Take a peek...

On the buffet in our dining room: elegant glass decor and a snow globe (this one is santa; the one on the entryway table is a snowman)...

On the dining room table: silver ornaments in a metallic bowl...

In the living room: a glittery reindeer (bought on clearance last year!)...

On the coffee table in the living room: glass votives filled with silver garland and bells...

More garland, but this time it fills a glass lantern on the coffee table...

Up the staircase railing...

In the powder room: silver beaded garland in a glass votive paired with a small candle (don't worry, this candle is for decoration only - I won't be lighting it!)...

In the family room, I shied away from the glitter and the silver accents, and focused more on red accents...

In the kitchen: gold and red balls in a simple glass vase...

happy Thursday!


Christmas Wreaths

Your Christmas wreath sets the tone for the rest of your home - it introduces your guests to how you've decorated the rest of your home.

Here is my wreath - simple and silver... (don't mind my puppy who totally photo bombed me!)

I want to show you some more beautiful wreaths that I came across.

What's your wreath style - traditional, bauble, or candy? I'm thinking of DIYing an ornament wreath with clearance ornaments after Christmas for next year.


Christmas Tablescapes

Nothing feels more festive than the family gathered around a beautifully decorated table, carving the turkey. So on that note, here are a few tablescapes that would make anyone hungry for apple pie.

How do you decorate your table for Christmas?


Christmas Ornaments

So far, we've looked at Christmas colours, mantels, and trees. Today, I want to focus on unique and beautiful ornaments to decorate that tree of yours.

Natural Elements

(clockwise)  Peace / Owl / Bird ball / Pinecones / Leaf ornament / Wood heart 

Bring on the Bling

(clockwise) Bow / Glitter burst / Rose Swirl / Glitter birdBubble ball

Winter Wonderland

(clockwise)  Snowflake / Wreath / Twig tree / Polar Bear / white balls 

Whimsy Fun

(clockwise)  Bollywood /  Pickle / Pigs / Puff ball / Chubby Penguins / Candy Swirls 

I love the Winter Wonderland theme! But I think the Whimsy Fun ornaments would look great on a colourful tree for the kids in your family!


O Christmas Trees

I recently shared my Christmas tree - you can see it here. Today, I want to show you some beautiful trees that I came across that I have to share.

What do you think about coloured Christmas trees? I personally really like the white and champagne versions. But, I don't think I could do a red or purple version (at least not in my home now).

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