Powder Room Reveal

I promised you that I would reveal my stenciled powder room. But first, let's recall what it looked like before (sorry about the poor quality cellphone pic - it's the only picture I took of the powder room when we first took possession, and I forgot to take pics before I started the makeover, oops)...

You'll see the builder-grade countertop, sink, faucet, and mirror in this shot (and for obvious reasons, these all needed to be swapped out).

And this is the AFTER...

Looks like a completely different room, right?

I am beyond thrilled at how the room turned out. I used the Moroccan Dream stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils, and it took many many hours (I mean, like 25 hours over a 4 day long Easter weekend!!). That means that it also took a whack load of patience, hugging a toilet to stencil behind it, contorting my body into various positions that I didn't think I was capable of, and standing over a steaming hot flood light for hours on end (I had to remove the bathroom light to stencil properly).

I don't have any in-action shots, but I can rundown the process. It was lengthy -  I definitely don't deny that. I am 100% certain that it wouldn't take most people this long to complete a teeny powder room wall stencil. But, I have my reasons:

(a) I decided to use a stencil brush instead of a small roller. Which means that I had to dab every inch of paint on the wall, rather than simply rolling it on. I found that the roller wasn't providing the coverage that I needed since the paint just soaked into the foam. The brush let me have the control that I wanted.

(b) Since I used a metallic paint and I had to remove the bathroom light, it was difficult to judge what part of the stencil had enough paint and which parts were missing some. Depending on the angle you look at, the metallic shines differently. That made for lots of bending down and standing up while analyzing the glimmer of the paint in the light.

(c) I had a lot of obstacles in my way - toilet, cabinet, odd corners - which means trying to line up the stencil as best I could, which had then become stiff with paint, was definitely problematic. There were several moments that I had to fake it adjust it as best I could.

I can now officially call this room done! (and it's the only room I can say that about, ugh - it's going to be a long road ahead).

Here is the source list for the powder room:

granite countertop - River White granite
sink - Artisan
faucet - Price Pfister
mirror - Home Outfitters
cabinet hardware - Hickory Hardware
shelf and candle holders - Bouclair Home
light fixture - Martha Stewart
Art - Home Sense
base paint - Amazon Stone by Behr
stencil paint - Champagne by Folk Art


  1. Beautiful, Katherine! I thought it was wallpaper at first glance. I'm impressed because I would never have the patience to stencil an entire room!

    1. Thanks Stacey! It definitely did take lots of patience, but it was well worth it in the end :)

  2. very beautiful work. planning to do the same stencil for my bedroom. the wall color is lenox tan in benjamin moore and wondering what color to choose for the stencil. do u think it would be good to go for a darker shade?

  3. I have a bathroom wall painted with high gloss paint. Can I use metallic paint to stencil over high gloss wall

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