Can I Get A Hoot?

Owls are a symbol of wisdom. So, it's very fitting and wise (no pun intended) that we are seeing owls pop up throughout interior decorating - accessories, artwork, and fabric. They offer a bit of whimsy in what could be an otherwise serious room.

My mom has loved owls since as long as I can remember. So, since I was a kid there were always owl statues or knick-knacks around the house. I guess this brings truth to the mantra "what goes around comes around".

Here are some examples of today's modern inclusion of owls in home decorating...

I love the lime green of this Cassie Gecko Owl pillow from Chapters with the abstract owl in white for $54.50. I can picture this pillow on a smokey grey couch, or on a rocking chair in a nursery.

The Fraser Owl lamp from Graham and Green brings a timeless elegance to a playful theme.

I adore this Retro Owls fabric by Carousel Designs. I think it would look great as a shower curtain in a kids bathroom. Or in my bathroom, for that matter (kids shouldn't get all the fun, right?)

This Wise Owl Stool by The French Bedroom Company would fit perfectly as a pair under a entryway console table. Or in the corner of a living room beside a chaise lounge to make a great reading nook. I can definitely picture myself placing a warm cup of coffee on his head while I read my monthly Style At Home.

Decorative accessories in brass and gold are popping up everywhere (you can read more about decorating with gold here). So, I love the fact that these bookends are marrying two current trends - brass and owls. They would look delicious on my bookcase in my work-in-progress home office. (Quick tip: this is an easy DIY project - just find a pair of heavy statues that you love and spray paint brass or gold).

I know I said that kids can't have all the fun, but in this room they can. The owl wall decal brings a playfulness to the room, but still maintains the tranquility needed for a nursery. It also helps that the colours in the room are in perfect balance - such a wise choice (pun intended).

Are you embracing the latest trend in forest critters? Have you bought an owl-themed decor accessory for your home? If so, what was it?

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