IKEA! That's Comfortable!

I'm sure all you Friends fans out there got that reference. If not, please go back and rewatch the episode entitled "The One With Ross's Thing"...

And while you are rewatching old episodes of Friends, please feel free to scan the pages of the new IKEA catalogue. It is chock full of great new furniture pieces, accent decor items, and clever organizational products. Not to mention, that IKEA must have gotten wind of IKEA Hack trends online, and have decided to incorporate their own hack ideas in their catalogue.

So, follow me into the land of Malm dressers, Ektorp sofas, and Swedish meatballs...

2013 Catalog

This is the perfect makeup vanity/desk/room divider table - the MALM console table has multiple personalities. I also love how it has been paired with the grey glass table lamp and the pair of white slipcovered stools.

What a great creative outlet for a kid's room - the unfinished TARVA dresser can be dressed up or down, depending on your decor, room of choice, or creative mood of the day. I can only imagine the possibilities that can accompany this collection of unstained/unpainted furniture.

I mentioned earlier that IKEA hacks have been bombarding the internet world (you can see more hack ideas here). So, it's only fitting for IKEA themselves to jump on the bandwagon and come up with their own hack ideas. Here, they decorated the legs of the LINDVED side table with strips of fabric. You could also do the same look with ribbons of various colours, materials, or widths. 

The STORSELE chair is so refreshingly simple and beautiful that I would love to see this in a sunny corner nook of bedroom - a great spot for an afternoon break with a great book and a cup of tea. 

I would love to be able to grow fresh herbs in my kitchen, but unfortunately I don't have a window sill or enough counter space to allow this. And, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has this issue. So, here comes IKEA with another creative space-saving idea for a vertical indoor herb garden. I might just have to find a space in my kitchen to adopt this idea...

As far as I can find online, these framed rainbow prints are not an IKEA print, but rather a creative IKEA idea. I would like to think that they might be a collage of cut out paint chips in an ombre style. Could make for an easy DIY project.... just saying!

Nothing can be more fun and cute than this BARBAR tray - perfect for a summer BBQ or sitting on a little girl's bedside table holding her precious collection of pink necklaces. 

I really love a patterned throw pillow and these LAPPLJUNG RUTA cushions are no exception. They really give a pop of graphic black and white to a monochromatic space. A really great way to add a pop of interest.

These gold lined ANGENAM bowls and platters are a statement piece to add to a dining room hutch or living room bookcase. I can also picture the bowl on a kitchen island filled with granny smith apples.

These HONEFOSS mirrors make for a great conversation piece. They come in two different shades of brown so you can customize the look and shape of the mirror. And since they are adhesive, they are a cinch to place anywhere you want.

Have you been to IKEA lately? Have you spotted any new products? What about those meatballs? I've never tried them since I usually hold out for the cheapo hotdog deal at the checkout. Maybe I've got my priorities all wrong. Ok, meatballs it is on my next trip to IKEA. Now back to old Friends episodes...

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