Dawn of a New Bathroom Light

Ugh. Yup, that's how I'm going to start this post today. And one more while I'm at it, ugh. Yesterday, I posted about my new project: updating our main bathroom. Well, it never ceases to amaze me that whenever you attempt any sort of redo or update to a space in your home, you will always be faced with hiccups. Well, our bathroom light was one of these hiccups.

Part of the update plan was to replace the existing bathroom mirror. The mirror was the standard builder-grade flushmount mirror that you basically have to pry off the wall with all your force and hope that it doesn't break into a million pieces. So, while attempting to remove the mirror... hang on, I know what you're thinking. You think that we broke the light fixture while pulling the mirror off the wall. Nope. Wrong. Before we tugged away at the mirror, we removed the glass shades and bulbs from the light so as to not hit them while we wrestled with the mirror. That's when we noticed it. A huge crack in one of the shades. It's a wonder how it managed to still stay together while it hung. Somehow, and I'm not quite sure how, the shade cracked right at the top. There was no saving it. I was super annoyed because not only had we just bought this light a year ago, but that I now had to replace the shades or buy a new light. Neither one of these options was in my project budget, nor did I want to start looking around for a new light.

We went to Lowes in search of a cheap solution. My hubby came up with the idea of just replacing the shades on the existing light. Luckily, at Lowes, you can customize your own vanity lighting. These are the options that we came up with...

So, we bought the 3 different styles. And none of them worked. Unfortunately, the existing shade that we have is much wider at the top, so these 3 shades didn't quite fit the space left from the original shades. It was too obvious that we changed them out.

Back to Lowes we went, but now in search for a new light. There was no other option and the original light that we had is no longer for sale, so a simple replacement wasn't an option. And shopping for something you don't want to buy, not wanting to spend any money on it, and are just in an overall miserable mood about the situation is never a good combination when it comes to choosing finishes for your home.

Then Phil spied a light. A cheap light. Like $58 cheap. "What about that one?", he said. "It's cheap," I said. "It's not bad." And Phil agreed that it wasn't bad. After looking at it for a few minutes, our reactions both turned to "I kinda like it actually. It's simple, cheap, and would offer a decent amount of light." Sold. Plus, it really ties into the new room perfectly!

(and between you and me, I think I actually like it better than the original light, but, ssshhh.... oh and fyi, above is a sneak peek of how we used glass tile in a new way in this bathroom. You'll see more of that when I reveal the whole room later on).

I guess it's kinda silver-lining-esq. I was upset that the light broke after only a year and that I had to buy a new one, but now I'm happy with our cheapo simple light that now works great in the space. (You'll see more of the light in the bathroom reveal later on).

How many of you face hiccups when your are undertaking a reno or update in your home? What solution did you come up with? Later this week, I'll show you the new cabinet hardware we chose for the bathroom.

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