DIY: Easy Kid's Room Artwork

The decor of kids' rooms changes every few years as they grow older and their interests change. So, when it comes to investing in artwork for their rooms, it makes sense to take the DIY approach. This is what I did for the home of a client and for the rooms of her three young children.

1. Fabric Art

You can easily turn any piece of fabric into artwork. For this girl's room, I took an extra piece of fabric that was used for her upholstered headboard and framed it. This adds continuity to the decor and is a simple was to add colour to the wall.

2. Scrapbook Paper Art

Scrapbook paper comes in all different colours, patterns, and textures, so of course it makes for a great backdrop to a DIY project. 

In this DIY project, I simply took 2 different scrapbook papers, and cut them into strips, and framed them. You can easily use a basketweave pattern, strips (as found below), squares, triangles, or even herringbone pattern. 

In these frames below, I used complimentary scrapbook papers and framed them individually.

3. Paint Chip Art

What's great about paint chips is the variety of colours and sizes that they come in. This means that you have a rainbow to chose from (and not to mention free).

For this simple word art for a boy's bathroom, I used the largest paint chip that I could find at Lowes. I then printed and cut out the letters for the words that I had chosen. After tracing the letters on the paint chips and cutting them out, it's just a matter of placing them within the frame and gluing them down.

I followed the same kind of idea for the following art, but instead of letters, I decided on one repetitive image - in this case, I chose a starfish. But to make it more interesting, I chose an ombre colour scheme. And when you're dealing with paint chips, an ombre palette is an easy thing to do.

There you have it - some simply DIY artwork projects for both kids' rooms and bathrooms. Have you done any easy DIY art projects lately? If so, did you use fabric, scrapbook paper, or paint chips?

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