My Stumps...

... my lovely lady stumps! (hmmm... doesn't work, does it? - Sorry Fergie! ugh)


Moving on...

I love injecting bits of organics into a space that I create - whether it be real (ie: flowers, seashells, etc.) or unreal (ie: floral fabric, ceramic animals, tree art, etc.) But, nothing screams nature than a good solid stump!

I've been on the lookout of a stump for awhile now after all the pics I've come across lately show tree stumps as beautiful features in perfectly decorated rooms. But, finding a good stump is a hard thing to do.

That is, unless of course, your hubby calls you one day as you are on your way home from work, and reports that he not only got you one perfect and freshly-cut stump, but 3 stumps (all free) to choose from!

I have big plans for at least one of these (the other 2 I'll figure out what to do with later on). I won't be tackling it anytime soon, as I have a little project known as my home office currently on the go, but stay tuned - there might be a post in the future about turning nature's trash into an interior decorator's treasure.

(sidenote: Phil got these 3 stumps for free from a local tree-cutter that was chopping a tree for firewood. He also looked at Phil like he had 2 heads when he pulled up and asked if he could have a stump...)

(double sidenote: I realize that a stump from a tree cutter is in no way nature's trash, but just go with it, m'kay?)

have a GREAT weekend!!

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