Christmas Ornaments

So far, we've looked at Christmas colours, mantels, and trees. Today, I want to focus on unique and beautiful ornaments to decorate that tree of yours.

Natural Elements

(clockwise)  Peace / Owl / Bird ball / Pinecones / Leaf ornament / Wood heart 

Bring on the Bling

(clockwise) Bow / Glitter burst / Rose Swirl / Glitter birdBubble ball

Winter Wonderland

(clockwise)  Snowflake / Wreath / Twig tree / Polar Bear / white balls 

Whimsy Fun

(clockwise)  Bollywood /  Pickle / Pigs / Puff ball / Chubby Penguins / Candy Swirls 

I love the Winter Wonderland theme! But I think the Whimsy Fun ornaments would look great on a colourful tree for the kids in your family!

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