My Christmas Tree

Continuing with a focus on Christmas and Holiday decor, I give you my Christmas tree...

Our tree is decorated with a blue and silver theme, although there are more silver ornaments than there are blue ones. I'm actually thinking of doing silver and gold next Christmas - I'll have to pick up clearance decorations after Christmas this year!

We have a few very special ornaments, such as this one that we bought on our honeymoon in Disney World in 2009.

And this one - a simple silver and white bell that I glitter-glued 2005 on it for my very first Christmas with my then-boyfriend-now-husband Phil. I gave this to him Christmas 2005 (we had only been dating for 4 months!)

Our tree skirt continues with the blue and silver theme. I like the fun idea of snowmen hanging around our Christmas tree.

And then there's the best accessory of all... my puppy Aspen (who wasn't too impressed that I had her wearing reindeer antlers, but she was a good sport about it!)

What colours do you decorate your tree in? Do you decorate it with collected mementos or store-bought classics instead?

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