Nursery Light

Lighting is really key in any room, regardless of the amount of natural light you might have. When I started Project Nursery, we were stuck with very limited artificial light. We have 2 large windows in this room, so natural light was definitely not lacking. The builder installed a standard flushmount light with a 60 watt bulb, and this meant there were too many shadows being cast around the room.

I knew I needed a great light in this room, but moreso I needed a light that would reflect the style that I was going for in this room: playful, gender-neutral, but modern. Something that could grow with the baby as she gets older.

Back in February, I came across this amazing light on the West Elm site (it's no longer available online, so I can't give you the link). I instantly fell in love and knew that it was perfect for the space. So, I added it to my design board, and built the room around it. In March, I noticed that it was on back order until July. I had no choice to order it then for fear of not having the light installed before the baby was here.

And here she is - hanging in all her glory...

It adds the perfect balance of character, whimsy, and interest in the space. Not to mention that it gives a great amount of light (up to 150 watts) and shines a beautiful pattern on the walls at night. 

We also decided to install a dimmer for those times where we'll be in the nursery in the middle of the night - a bright light is less than ideal.

Stay tuned next week when I reveal the completed nursery! (But until then, you can read more about the nursery here, here, and here.

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