Project Nursery: Bookcase Reveal

Last week, I shared with you the complete nursery reveal (I hope you all like it as much as I do). Today, I want to breakdown the nursery bookcase in a bit more detail.

Here is the complete source list for the nursery bookcase (from top to bottom):

small yellow baskets - Bouclair Home
green ceramic owl - Michael's
wood frame - bought years ago (can't remember from where) 
stuffed pig - baby gift
ceramic figurine - gift from my lovely hubby 
white frame - Bouclair Home
wooden green frame - Home Sense 
lantern - Ikea
metal dragonfly - Michael's
ceramic frog - memento from my childhood
birdhouse - Michael's (the birdhouse comes unpainted)
white frame - Home Sense
stuffed koala and kangaroo - baby gift from my hubby (from his trip to Australia)
orange polka dot piggy bank - Home Sense
watering can - Home Sense
storage basket - Michael's


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