Big Changes

It's been awhile since I've posted here, but lots has been happening over here on the home front. Back in April, my hubby and I started chatting about maybe selling our house and maybe looking at moving. That maybe turned into a huge YES!

We loved our home but the neighbourhood and the lack of backyard were far from ideal. We lived in a new build community where the houses are built too close to each other for our liking and you have very little backyard to do anything with. So, we started talking about finding a new home with more space. We started our search for an older home that we could renovate and make our own, but with the prices of the "decent" homes that we found, it would blow our budget to have to then turn around and renovate it. Ideally, we would have loved to custom build our dream home. We thought that wouldn't be an option for us either as we thought it would cost us too much. But, we thought wrong. We found a great small builder who already owned treed lots for sale and were willing to work with us in creating the perfect home for us. We were sold!

By the end of May we had signed the agreement, put down a deposit, and finalized the architectural plans. By beginning of June, our home was on the market, and within four days, it was sold! It was all happening so quickly. We were given a closing date of December 19, 2014 for the new home, but with luck we're hoping to close by beginning of December.

We have moved out of our old home and are currently living with family while our dream home gets built. We have already selected our interior and exterior finishes. And within the past few weeks, the foundation has been poured and the house has been framed.

We are so excited to start this new journey and of course I'm thrilled about designing new spaces for our home. Our dream home will be just over 2,700 square feet with four bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, dining room, study, family room, kitchen and breakfast nook, laundry room and mudroom. I'm giddy with excitement for all the new furniture, lighting, artwork, and decorative accessories I get to source and buy. Not to mention finding new places for my old favourites in this fresh space. I'll be sure to post more about the building process and of course all the new projects that I'll be tackling once we move into our home this fall/winter. Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram as I'll be posting plenty of pics too!

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