Let There Be White

The colour white (or lack thereof) is a funny thing. Some people are as scared of white as they are of colour. And that's probably why most people settle on beige for their primary decor colour. But, white doesn't have to be scary. In fact, it's the perfect backdrop to showcase architectural details, beautifully crafted furniture, and pops of colour.

Take a look at some of these rooms where white is the star...

This laundry room is so fresh and clean - it gives me the urge to do laundry now! (Well, not really, just saying...)

This living room is all about the contrast of black and white. And the mix of patterns - polka dots, floral, zebra - all added together make this room far from ordinary.

This bedroom is absolutely dreamy (yup, pun intended). The ornate headboard, faux fur stool, and mismatched side tables really add elegance to this room. Plus, I love the pop of purple from the flowers.

Some tips for decorating with white:

  • Using black throughout the room will anchor the space. Use it especially in frames, flooring, or furniture. 
  • Pops of colour bring a fresh take on an all-white space. Try switching out the colours based on season - yellow in the spring, orange or pink in the summer, emerald green come fall, and navy in the winter. This way you'll always have a new decor to admire.
  • The easiest way to add accent colours into the room is in cushions on the sofa, artwork, flowers, and vases. 
  • Instead of white walls, how about white wallpaper? Try one with a metallic finish, a unique pattern, or in a textured variation. This will add depth to the space.
  • Fabrics play such a huge role in bringing a space together. And this is especially true in a white space. You can use different textures together for a coordinated look. And even if the patterns don't match, if the colours within the fabric are the same, it will work. (Like Tim Gunn from Project Runway says "make it work"!)

The pops of black in this eat-in kitchen gives the eye a place to land. (hmm, is that a rocking sheep in the corner? I haven't seen that before...)

I adore this kitchen! The marble mosaic backsplash ties in the black and white perfectly. And the apples add that perfect pop of colour to the space. I also admire the clear glass pendants. They are simple and elegant, and keep the space feeling airy.

Navy and white is a classic colour combination. You'll see in this room that they added the pop of navy throughout the room, however it still feels primarily white. This room very much has a coastal vibe. Care for a walk on the beach?

Do you have a space in your home that could use a white refresh? How about a few pops of colour in an otherwise monotone room?


  1. I'm a big fan of white decor. Perhaps a little too much. I am now dealing with a "snowed-in" apartment that lacks life and is anchored by an ugly honey-coloured parquet floor. Short of dropping buckets of paint to cover it up and getting sued by my landlord, what are some ideas for decorating and adding colour in spaces with parquet flooring? I find that most interior design examples feature floors that are a perfect match to the walls or colour scheme. What about the rest of us apartment folks?

    1. Decorating while living in an apartment can always be tricky since you are often restricted with rules and regulations. By introducing pops of colour in your accessories, artwork, and accent furniture pieces, you can add new life to an otherwise monochromatic colour scheme. Parquet flooring seems to be the standard flooring in many apartments. With it's warm yellow tones, you can create a cohesive look by introducing warm accent colours such as oranges, yellows, garden greens, or rusty reds. If warm colours aren't what you're looking for, trying using large scale area rugs in vibrant patterns to distract the eye from the parquet flooring. Plus, you can always take the rug and accessories with you when you move.


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