A BIG Thank You

I know that I have only been writing this blog for a few weeks now, but I think a BIG thank you is in order. Last night, I had dinner with my in-laws and the extended family, and the outpouring of support was incredible. They had nothing but nice things to say about my blog and the projects that I have completed. I have also received such nice compliments from my family, friends, and facebook friends. It's nice to know that after lots of humming and hawing over starting a blog, it's beginning to pay off.

I think there is a time in your life when you realize that you are either doing what you love to do or you're doing what you need to do. And those are two different things. What you love to do is when you are willing to put in the extra time and energy to reach your end goal. And really the end goal is far from the only motivation. The process, and enjoying every bit of it, is just as important. Doing what you need to do, on the other hand, is something different. It's more focused on the end result, and for many of us that means a paycheck at the end of the day. We go to work, we do our job, and we go home. Plain and simple. And that's fine for most people. Heck, it was fine for me. But, there came a time and not too long ago, that I realized it wasn't fine anymore. I can do the 8-4 job and leave it there, but there was this part of me that realized that I needed more. And that itch that needed to be scratched was interior decorating.

Most people reach a point. Kinda like the point of no return. Do you continue doing what you need to do? Or do you switch gears and work towards what you love to do? It's not a simple decision. And for many, age is a huge factor. I will be 29 in a few months. I'm not old by any means, but being almost 30 is a turning point in your life. It's scary - to start something new at this point. But, I think that if you let age or any other factor for that matter scare you off, you'll never know what could have been.

For me, this blog has been an eye-opener. And I know, it's really just the beginning. But, I think that's what's so powerful. I have been able to reach people in Canada, the U.S., Russia, the Netherlands, the U.K., South Korea, the Philippines, and Germany. That's a huge accomplishment in my eyes. And even if some of these countries only visited my blog once - that once more than I had expected.

I know this post has become a little sentimental, but I think it was very much needed. I will continue to bring design inspiration to you all, and I promise to show more of my own projects (finding the time to get it all done is a bit of an issue).

Coming up, I'll be sharing with you a sneak peek of a stenciled focal wall in my master bedroom, a DIY chair makeover that you'll have to see to believe, and a home tour that is long overdue. So, stay tuned!

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