A Special Day

Please excuse me as I fly off on a tangent today. I do understand that this is a blog dedicated to interior decorating. However, I need to take a small break and focus on what a very special day it is today. It is my 3 year wedding anniversary with my amazing husband Phil!

What makes this man amazing is his never-ending love, support, sense of humour, and willingness to help others. He makes the best meatballs and the best garlic mashed potatoes. He is always there to kill a spider when I'm screaming on top of a chair. He will always have a full arsenol of silly jokes that will forever make me laugh. He's strong. He's courageous. He's dedicated. He supports my crazy decor ideas and always asks me simply what he needs to do to help. He lets me sleep in on the weekends. He gives me the biggest bear hugs when I'm in desperate need of comfort. And a girl can always use a great big hug.

He is my best friend, my husband, my partner in life, and my soul mate.

Thank you Sweetie for all your support, love, and never-ending hugs (and kisses). Without you, nothing would be possible.

Love you!

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