Cocktail Party Menu

Yesterday, I posted about the DIY decorations that I tackled for my husband's 30th birthday cocktail party that we hosted this past weekend. Today, I want to let you in on my appetizer menu selection. Word of warning: I had a pretty big menu for a 8pm cocktail party. But, quantity and selection is key to any successful buffet table. So, here's the rundown...


* Caprese skewers
* Creamy pesto pinwheels
* Apricots with basil goat cheese and almonds
* Meatballs
* Brie and pear crostini
* Veggies and dip
* Spinach and feta triangles
* Sliders
* Shrimp cocktail
* Layered Mexican dip
* French fries
* Tomato soup and grilled cheese
* Cupcakes
* Fruit skewers

I know, I know, slightly overboard, but nothing but the best for my hubby!

 The tomato soup with grilled cheese was a fun idea I had found online. Comfort food in a simple shot glass. And an easy idea too!

I found this idea online too - french fry shot glasses. We decided to pick up McDonald's fries instead of baking our own. Plus everyone loves McDonald's fries!

The apricots with goat cheese was a unique idea I came across. The sweetness of the apricots and the tanginess of the goat cheese really complement each other.

What are your go-to party finger foods? Have any of you tried comfort food appetizers with a twist? 

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