KM Decor 2.0

I'm slowly getting with the program (and the times) people. I'm here to announce officially that KM Decor has joined the realm of social media and can now be found on Facebook, Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram. (I technically announced Facebook and Pinterest last week, but since then, these pages have more to offer, and are less like blank slates. So now's the time for the official unveiling).

The KM Decor Facebook page will give you instant notice of new blog posts. As soon as I click publish on Blogspot, I'll post the link on Facebook. How much better can that get? You'll never miss a post! In addition, I will be posting my Daily Find on the Facebook page. These finds can be anything from furniture, lighting, decor accessories, and DIY projects that I've found online and in blogsphere. I won't be posting these finds anywhere other than the KM Decor Facebook page. So, please "like" the page and stay in touch with all of the happenings. On top of all of that (I know, how can it possibly get any better?), the Facebook page will also provide sneak peeks of current projects that I'm working on (I'll have one for you later today), snippets of shopping trips, and tidbits of advice.

The KM Decor Pinterest page is something new to me. Well, obviously, right, since I just started it. Well, Pinterest in and of itself is new to me. So, please be patient as I test the waters and get going with the page. In any event, this page will become my posting spot for all great ideas that I find for home decor, arts and crafts, and great DIY projects. Plus, I'll be posting pics of my own projects. So, head on over to Pinterest and follow my page. You won't regret it. Promise :)

Ok, I'm almost done. But there are two more social media outlets that I want to let you know about. As I'm sure you can see on the sidebar, you can find KM Decor on Houzz. I've been on Houzz for quite awhile, but since starting this blog (and business), I've been using it as a great way to spy on other people's homes. There really is no better way to crash beautiful homes and have permission to do so. I not only post pictures of my own spaces and projects, but I have created a variety of Ideabooks for each space of your home. So, if you're needing some inspiration, head over to Houzz and see what I've added to my Ideabooks.

Lastly, I recently joined the iPhone world. I was a Blackberry user before, and pretty much hated every minute of it. But, that's a very long-winded-story-that-will-never-be-written-because-it'll-just-be-a-venting-fest blog post. So, in other words, I'm a very happy camper now that I have an iPhone. With that, brings me to my 4th social media feed: Instragram. Which I'm. In. Love. With. I'm pretty sure anyone who joins it becomes instantly obsessed. My user name on Instagram is kmdecor (fitting right?) By following me here, you'll get to see some sneak peeks of my current projects, great finds on my shopping trips, and a little bit of my personal life (it can't all be about home decor, can it?)

Ok, this post has become much more long-winded than I had anticipated, and I feel like I've been a little "pick me, pick me!" So, I'll stop now. Promise.

(psst... for those interested, I don't have a KM Decor Twitter page. I actually use Twitter to stalk my celebrity crushes, and I'm pretty sure that for now I want to keep this outlet for that cause. A girl needs her daily entertainment fix, no?)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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