Organize It: Kitchen Fridge!

Welcome to my "Organize It" week here at KM Decor. This week, I am going to look at 5 different areas in my home that I believe to be my biggest organizational problem areas. These areas are always the first to get disorganized. I know that I'm posting about my own disorganized spaces, but you might also have the same issues.

The 5 spaces that I'll be looking at are:

1. Kitchen fridge
2. Coffee cabinet
3. Bathroom cabinets
4. Front hall closet
5. Linen closet

Today, is part 1 and I'll be looking at my kitchen fridge. I'm going to warn you - this isn't pretty. In light of being honest and open on this blog, I'll be showing you the nitty gritty when it comes to these problem areas in my home. So, without further ado, I give you my fridge...

Ugh, I know. Don't say I didn't warn you. I think almost everyone will agree with me that the kitchen fridge is the one place in the house that gets disorganized the quickest, and stays disorganized the longest. Plus, we've all had those moments where we can't quite remember what was in that container, or how long that leftover has been in there.

I think the key to keeping a fridge organized is to really stay on top of what's in there - keeping track of the expiry dates on your food is always key.

I think I need to do some groceries now. And here's what was removed from the fridge...

The best way to keep on top of it, is to clean the fridge weekly. The night before your garbage collection (or green bin for your compostable items, if you're in the Ottawa-area), go through your fridge and get rid of all expired foods.

What's great about going through the fridge on a weekly basis, is that it will help with your grocery list. You'll know exactly what you have and what you need in time for your weekly shopping trip.

It also doesn't help that today's fridges are deeper and taller, so organizing your food can be a daily struggle. Best way around this is to group like-items together - ie: salad dressings, condiments, breads, cheeses, meats, etc. This way, when you're looking for something in particular, you have but one place to go.

How do you keep your fridge organized? And have you seen those new fridge coasters? If not, you can check them out here. It makes for a clever (and pretty) way of organizing your fridge.

Stay tuned tomorrow for organizing the laundry room storage.


  1. You mentioned staying on top of expiry dates. Do you have any tips to make this easier??

    1. By going through your fridge on a weekly basis and getting rid of anything that might be expired should keep you on top of expiry dates. And by getting into this routine on a weekly basis, you should have very little that will need to be thrown out.


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