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I am still in the progress of my current project: my main bathroom update. I recently spoke about painting, replacing the vanity light, and today I'll be addressing the jewellery concern. Yup, that's right, my bathroom has jewels. And so does yours. No? You didn't realize that yours did too? Well, you're in for a surprise because all rooms have jewels and when it comes to the bathroom, the cabinet hardware plays that part.

Don't worry - I didn't go diamond encrusted or anything like that. But, cabinet hardware is always considered to be the room's jewellery. The original pulls that we had chosen through the builder were simple, and definitely the best of the selection that they offered.

It's funny actually, when we were building our townhome, I kicked myself for selecting pulls instead of knobs for the bathrooms, and I vowed not to do it again, only to have done it again. The problem with pulls is that you're very limited with size, shape, and style. But, this what I chose, so this is what I have to deal with.

I looked online for a few different options, and I came across this beauty from Restoration Hardware: the Lugarno pull. It's pretty, right? But, at $19 each (so a total of $76 plus shipping, tax, and exchange rate), they were looking less pretty every minute. No, sorry, that's a lie. They are still equally as gorgeous, but my hubby would surely kill me if I spent almost $100 on 4 bathroom pulls for a room that we barely use.

So, I had to keep looking. Enter Lowes (I know, I'm there often, but it's literally a few minutes away from my house, and I'm almost sure that's a bad thing). I narrowed it down to 3 choices. Actually, I didn't really narrow it down at all, those were pretty much my only options in the size, style, and finish that I was looking for.

Option A:

At $3.98 each, this pull by Onward was a good option. I like how simple it was, but it was also sleek and elegant at the same time.

Option B:

At $4.38 each, this pull by Onward fits the bill. Classic, but with a modern twist, and comfortable in your hand. Not too shabby at a pretty great price.

Option C:

At $5.58 each, the Rotterdam pull by Hickory Hardware was the most expensive option. Although, it was a nice looking pull, it was definitely too modern for the space.

Each were great in their own way, but I knew that there was a clear winner. Can you guess which one? Option B, of course. It was the right length (not too long like option A), more classic than modern (like option C), and mimics the style of the new light and current faucet.

You can see here how much of a difference a little cabinet jewellery can make to your room...

Hardware is a lot like paint actually - a little change can make a huge difference. So, if you want to make a quick fix to a kitchen or bathroom, try swapping out the cabinet hardware. This change cost me under $20 and it made a big difference!

What kind of cabinet hardware are you attracted to? Do you prefer pulls or knobs?

(psst... tune in tomorrow as I announce a week long event starting next week! You won't want to miss it.)

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