Design Board: Cottage Chic Dining Room

Decorating a room can be an overwhelming process for some, especially when you're lacking inspiration or direction. And when budget is a factor, hiring an interior decorator can sometimes be out of the question.

However, KM Decor can help with the use of design boards. These boards will give you an idea of furniture, colour, and accessories to update your space. For only $75, a board will be tailored to your space and needs. Plus, I will include a source list of all the items that appear on the board. And since these can be done electronically, there is no need to live in the Ottawa-area to benefit from these boards. The design board can be created simply by submitting pictures of your space along with the room dimensions.

Take a look at this Cottage Chic design board I created for a cozy dining room. If you're interested in purchasing this board, please email me at kmdecorottawa@gmail.com. I will provide you the board in JPEG format along with the complete source list.

Looking for something else? Just send me an email and we can discuss your space and your needs, and how a design board can help you.

I hope I can help you with your design dilemma and make your space a dream room!

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