Status Update: My Office

Back in November, I decided to make the smallest bedroom in our home (which was previously unused) into my new home office. I painted it (with gusto) - completely amped up to get this room done! Once it was painted, I put together a new IKEA desk and storage cabinet (by myself might I add, and we all know how complicated putting together IKEA furniture can be. So needless to say that was an accomplishment in and of itself!) And then it sat there for a month...

Fast forward to December, when my lovely Mom agreed to help make curtains for the new office. I had chosen and bought the fabric, and she came over one weekend to sew them up. (And when I say that she agreed to help make the curtains, what I really mean is that she made them while I did other things around the house!)

It's been at a standstill since December. I think I've lost my mojo! There are still plenty of things to get done in here, so I thought to get back in the swing of things and pull all my energy together to tackle this room - a to-do list was in order.

1. Paint room
2. Sew and hang curtains {you can see more about that here}
3. Buy & build desk and storage cabinet
4. Spray paint legs of storage cabinet
5. Spray paint hardware on closet door
6. Buy & install overhead light
7. DIY ombre art {you can see more about that here}
8. Buy lamps for storage cabinet; possible desk lamp
9. DIY fabric-covered corkboard
10. Install floating shelves (oh and need to buy these first!)
11. Other DIY artwork
12. Add knobs to storage cabinet

Oh, and not to mention this little diddy (to-do list item #13) that needs a serious makeover...

As you can imagine, this list is a bit overwhelming and most likely the reason behind why this room has sat idle for over a month now.

Alright, time to pull it together and get this room done! I would love to give myself a time limit, but I would hate to quickly get something done in haste and regret it later. So, I'll just try my bestest to get 'er done soon(ish)!

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