Dropping the Ball...

As you are most likely already aware, I've totally dropped the ball when it comes to this blog. My last post was *ahem* Valentine's Day. My sincere apologies for letting this slip. The truth is that I'm pregnant (and incredibly excited), and as you can imagine, finding the energy to write blog posts (let alone work on projects), has been hard to come by.

That being said, I'm feeling more like myself lately, so I promise that things will pick up around here. There may not be daily postings like I had done previously, however I have a number of projects staring me in the face right now, so I'll be sure to cover all of those in the future. Namely, I have a nursery to start and complete (and I have a wish list a mile long for that project), plus I still have my home office to finish (yes, I know, I dropped the ball on that project as well). In addition, I still have some rooms to reveal that I completed for a client awhile back (I've been slow to release these as well).

So, I hope you will all stick around to follow these upcoming projects of mine. I'll have some DIY tutorials, as well as some reveals as both of these rooms get underway.

Also, remember you can follow me on Facebook and Pinterest for the latest updates of these projects.

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