Mixing Patterns

{Update: We are still in the throws of finishing up the wall treatment in the nursery. It has been in a bit of standstill lately - life has gotten in the way! We're hoping to finish it up over the weekend, so hopefully by Monday I'll be able to cross that off my too-long list of things to get done for the nursery. Stay tuned!}

I used to be afraid of pattern - not only in my clothing, but in my home decorating as well. But, since reading design blogs, magazines, and becoming an avid watcher of HGTV, I have embraced the idea of mixing patterns.

I know that using patterns in a space can be overwhelming, especially when you decide to mix them. I'm sure some of you may be thinking that it can't be done - that mixing patterns would just clash together. I don't deny that some patterns may clash together, but others paired together offer a complementary and cohesive look.

Here are some examples of mixed patterns that truly bring new life to a space...

I think this dining room is my favourite - I love the elegant wallpaper, matched with the timeless mirror and wall sconces. Not to mention the fresh take on using two different patterned fabrics on the traditional style of the dining chairs.

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