Project Nursery: An Update

There have been a lack of posts around these parts lately, but that's only because we've been busy trying to get the wall treatment completed in the nursery. And I'm very happy to say that after this past weekend, the walls are finally DONE!

Last I showed you, they looked like this...

Since then, my husband was able to fill all the nail holes and seams for a finished look. Over the weekend, we were able to paint the entire  wainscoting and chair-rail, along with the interior of the closet. So, after a very long Sunday, the room is starting to look more like a nursery and less like a construction zone.

I'll be chatting about the lattice wainscoting in an upcoming post, so stay tuned for that. 

I also wanted to give you a quick rundown on where the room stands now. When I first introduced the to-do list to you all,there were 13 items on it, and at that time I had managed to scratch 1 1/2 of these items off of it. This is where the list stands now...

1. Choose a paint colour; paint room
2. Select and buy the crib
3. Install wall treatment (details to come later)
4. Redo existing dresser (details to come later)
5. Select and buy storage unit
6. Buy crib bedding
7. Select and buy rocking chair (or convert to a rocking chair)
8. Artwork and accessories
9. Buy lighting - overhead light, accent lights
10. Install lighting
11. Window treatments - select, buy, customize, and install
12. DIY accent table (details to come later)
13. Organize closet

I have also managed to DIY one of the artworks, and am currently working on another (I'll provide details of these projects too in upcoming posts). We also installed the blinds over the weekend but have yet to install the curtains (so item #11 will stay on the list for now).

Once this upcoming long weekend is over, we should have the dresser redone (details to come), and have installed the furniture. I'll be able to give you a peek next week with those additions. 

So, I have my homework cut out for me this week, plus I've got to write these posts that I keep promising you all!

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