A Little Office Update

I know I've been a bit MIA lately. Especially after having said that my hiatus was over. And it is over. I promise. I've been busy not only taking care of my little girl, but working hard at finishing my home office (a project that I started over a year ago). 

So, here's a little update for you all. Below is my to do list for my home office. I've been chiseling away at it over the past year, but here's where it stands now...

1. Paint room
2. Sew and hang curtains {you can see more about that here}
3. Buy & build desk and storage cabinet
4. Spray paint legs of storage cabinet {I've decided not to do this anymore}
5. Spray paint hardware on closet door {I've decided not to do this anymore}
6. Buy & install overhead light
7. DIY ombre art {you can see more about that here}
8. Buy lamps for storage cabinet
9. DIY fabric-covered corkboard {you'll read about this is an upcoming post}
10. Install floating shelves 
11. Hang artwork
12. Add knobs to storage cabinet
13. Reupholster office chair

So, I'm down to the last few things to do on my list. All my artwork is laid out on the floor in a collage - just waiting to be hung. I also have the new knobs for my storage cabinet to be installed too. 

Then, that just leaves my office chair to be reupholstered. You remember what it looked like, right?

It's a little rough looking, I know. But I recently (and finally!) found the perfect fabric to reupholster the chair in. So, now it's just a matter of removing the existing fabric (along with probably 1,000 staples), and recovering the foam with the beautiful new fabric. I'm beyond excited to get this chair completed. Not only because it's really the last project left for me to tackle in this room, but also because I'm so excited to see how fresh this chair will look!

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