DIY Upholstered Cork Board

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you would have seen a sneak peek of a DIY project that I was working on for my home office...

I wanted to include a cork board in my office to post inspirational pictures of interiors, paint samples, fabric samples, and anything that I don't want to lose or that has caught my eye. But a plain cork board is far from fun, so I decided to upholster it. 

To make a similar board yourself, you'll need:

1. a framed cork board in any size of your choosing
2. a fabric cut to the size of the board, with a few extra inches on each side
3. spray adhesive
4. thumbtacks
5. upholstering staples and staple gun

It's a pretty simple project that won't take you longer than an hour to complete.

First, cut your fabric to size. You'll want to allow enough fabric on each side to wrap around the back of the board. Next, spray the cork board with spray adhesive. Once the board has been sprayed, lay your fabric on the board. If you have a pattern or striped fabric, you'll want to make sure that the fabric is straight or the pattern is placed the way you'd like it. Once the fabric is placed the way you like it, smooth the fabric down to remove any wrinkles or bubbles.

Next, I framed my board with thumbtacks. You could skip this step if you don't want to frame the board. You could also use upholstery tacks or ribbon to frame the board. I chose thumbtacks since they were the cheapest and easiest option, and I liked the way they looked. I chose to put a tack at each inch along all 4 sides of the board.

Once you've completed your frame, you'll need to staple the rest of the fabric on the back of the board. To do this, simply pull the fabric taught and secure with a staple every few inches on the back. Now, you're ready to hang the board!

One more project down, and on my way to have this room complete!

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