Floating Office Shelves

I recently posted about the upholstered cork board that I DIY'd (you can read about that here). I have also installed 3 floating shelves in the little nook of my home office. 

Since I have a storage sideboard in my office to hold books and magazines, and the closet was converted with storage shelves to hold boxes of markers, paper, and office supplies, the shelves didn't need to hold much other than decorative items.

The top shelf has a mercury glass vase (which I stole from my living room), the middle shelf holds a few design magazines, 2 brass dogs (found at my local thrift store), and a wedding photo of my hubby and I, and the bottom shelf holds a little bowl with pushpins (since this is right beside the cork board wall), and a maternity photo in a glass frame.

Now all that's left to do in this room is reupholster the office chair, and then I can finally share the room reveal to you all :)


  1. The only question I can think of is how much weight could these floating shelves support. I mean, it's obviously for display purposes only, but it would be nice to know what display pieces it may or may not be able to support. It looks great though. Thanks for sharing!

    Scott | The Olpin Group

    1. Unfortunately, these shelves are not made to carry much weight. I had originally hoped they would so I could use them as bookshelves rather than to display decorative items. I'm sure you should find better shelves to support much weight.


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