DIY: Office Chair Makeover

It's been awhile. I know. Being a new mom is taking 100% of my attention (as it should) and my energy, and so it goes without saying that I haven't been working on any new projects lately. And so, the reason for the absence of posts. 

However, I did manage to finally get my home office complete before Christmas (but haven't yet had the time to take pics or post about the final reveal). I'll be getting to that shortly. But, in the meantime here's the reveal of the makeover of my office chair.

When we saw it last, it looked a little like this...

After removing the existing fabric which was old, stained, and dusty, I was left with a pile of foam and a skeleton of a chair...

And after taking the chair apart and reupholstering it, my new chair looks like this...!!

I wanted to give the chair a fresh look with a textured coral fabric. I really didn't expect a pink chair in my original idea for the room - I was actually searching for a cream or ivory fabric to use. But when I was on the prowl in the fabric store, I came across this great fabric that matched the coral fabric in the curtains that were already installed. Plus, it was on sale so I couldn't pass it up! I also decided to fill the holes left by the tufting buttons for a cleaner look. The total cost of the project was about $60: $30 for the chair bought used online, and $30 for the fabric which I bought on sale. 

I'll be revealing the final office shortly, so stayed tuned for that! 


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  2. It’s difficult to juggle being a mom, blogging, and home improvements. And we understand if you can't blog about stuff because something more important is happening. It’s really a matter of time management on your part. And judging with your completion of office room, I say you're doing quite well. And with regards to your office chair, I think it looks very lovely. Now I’m excited to see the reveal of your new office room!

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  4. Great colors!! Had them in the same ones but then I saw the pictures from this site and decided to go with something else.


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