Dream Home: An Update

First of all, I want to address what happened here at home in Ottawa yesterday. Our city (and country) was rocked with a terrorist attack and a soldier was shot and killed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. I went home last night and hugged my daughter so tightly - I appreciate and am grateful for everything the police and first responders did to keep our city safe. #ottawastrong

Now, onto to something a little lighter... an update on the construction of our dream home.

Since I last posted, a lot has happened.

The windows have been installed along with the front door (to be shown in an upcoming picture). All electrical, plumbing, HVAC has been installed. The insulation and the drywall has been completed as well. The siding has been started on 3 of the outside walls (the 2 sides and the back). Next week, the painter will begin with the primary coat, and I'm hoping trim work and flooring should start shortly after that.

It's coming along - pretty quickly actually, but I wish I was moving in tomorrow!

Stay tuned for more pics!

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