Small Space Solutions

I may be in the midst of building my dream home, but that doesn't mean that I'm not conscience of making the most out of my space. And for those that are short on space, there are plenty of tips and tricks you can use to maximize what you've got.

Take for instance, the downtown renter, who when it comes to a finding an apartment, location is everything. This apartment for rent in Ottawa (my amazing and beautiful hometown) is small but sweet - perfect for the person who wants to be close to everything.

To make the most out of an apartment this size, consider these great ideas for a beautiful home.

1. Paint

First and foremost, paint is your best friend. You can change a space in an instant with a great wall colour. Plus, when it comes to renting, you can easily repaint the space back to a neutral beige or white (depending on your lease agreement). A bold accent wall can also define the space, especially in a studio apartment like this.

You can also use wall stencils as a faux-backsplash in the kitchen.

2. Furniture

The key to picking great furniture pieces for small spaces is to choose things that are double duty. Ottomans that can be used as a coffee table when placed together, a dining table that can be used as desk during non-meal times, and ovens for sweater storage. No, wait, that's Carrie Bradshaw's apartment.

This coffee table is chock-full of extra storage for DVDs, magazines, etc.

These cube ottomans are perfect for those that are short on space. The top flips over for a flat-top to use for drinks and the inside gives extra storage space. And you can easily move them together to use as a coffee table, or apart as extra seating.

 I love the clean lines of this pull-out couch, so no matter how small your place is, you can still have guests stay overnight.

3. Art & Mirrors

Just because a studio apartment is small on space, doesn't mean that the art on the walls needs to be downsized. In fact, I would go the opposite. Bigger is better. Define a space with an oversized colourful piece of art. Same goes with mirrors. Mirrors help bounce around the light in a room and when placed correctly, can make the room appear larger.

I love these mirrored shelving. They would be perfect in a small entry wall and can be used as a quick catchall for your keys, sunglasses, and cellphone.

What are your go-to tips and tricks to save on space in your home?

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