Master Closet Reveal

Last week, I posted about closet inspiration while I was designing my walk-in closet makeover. And today, I will reveal to you all the hard work that my husband put into making my design a reality.

Let's look back at what I was dealing with...

And as you can see, there is very little storage space. The builder installed an L-shaped rod for hanging space, and one L-shaped shelf. This allowed for little space for folded clothes. Plus my shoes and purses would be either scattered on the floor or shoved on the shelf. Not practical when you are trying to pull together an outfit.

And, here is the AFTER...

When designing this closet, I decided on floor-to-ceiling storage. Since it isn't a very large space, I wanted to use every square inch of it to maximize storage - not only for what I already owned, but to allow room for what I haven't bought yet.

In order to do this, I included the following in my design:

  • A wall of double hung rods for plenty of hanging space for tops and bottoms. 
  • Another rod hung slightly higher to give plenty of room for dresses and long skirts.
  • A space dedication specifically for shoes (ie: a wall of shelving on one side)
  • Shelves for folded clothes and other small accessories (such as hats, pashminas, sunglasses etc).
  • And lastly, I needed a spot for purses.

We also decided to paint the closet white to make the space appear brighter, and then we added dark chocolate shelving for contrast.

The corner shelf offers plenty of space for folded jeans, hoodies, and extra accessories.

The shoe shelf offers storage for about 50 pairs of shoes. I also chose to make the shelves at various heights to allow for plenty of room for heels and flats which maximizes the storage space. 

I also decided to run a shelf around the top perimeter of the closet (including over the door) to allow for storage of purses, extra shoes, and off-season wear.

I now have oodles of storage space, plus tons of room to grow too. I got each of the requirements off my list, and I couldn't be happier with the results. And I'm especially grateful that I have such a wonderful husband that would put in so much time of his vacation to build me this beautiful closet!

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