On The Wall

I have a confession: I am obsessed with wall treatments! All different kinds too - wallpaper, paneling, wainscoting, textured treatments, etc. I even spoke about wood-planked walls here. I've used wall stenciling in both my master bedroom and my powder room. And, my hubby (with the help of my Father-in-Law) is in the midst of applying a wall treatment to the future nursery of our little bambino. (I'll give you more details of that project as it unfolds).

So, I only thought it to be fitting to showcase some amazing wall treatments that I've come across (and similarly fallen in love with)...


Paneling & Wainscoting

Textured Walls

Hmmm.... these inspirational pictures really make me want to tackle another room with a wall treatment (but, I'm pretty sure my hubby would be less than impressed with another project on the list).

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