Sneak Peek: Nursery Paint

So, for those of you who know (and those of you who don't), my husband and I are expecting a baby girl in August! We are beyond thrilled with this new adventure... and overwhelmed at how much is needing to be done too! I recently posted about the inevitable to-do list for this nursery. One of the very first things that I needed to do, well after coming up with a plan for this room, was to choose a paint colour.

Eventhough we are having a little girl, we wanted to keep the room gender neutral. I wasn't envisioning a pink or purple room decked out in flowers and ballerinas (which unfortunately most of the baby stores seem to carry for girls). But, instead I decided on something a little more balanced. But to choose a paint colour that's gender neutral and not boring is a little tricky.

So, we opted for this one...

The colour is Prescott Green (HC-140) by Benjamin Moore. It's part of the BM Historic Colour Collection and I'm in love! 

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